This may offend some people.  No, I guarantee it will offend some people because that's all we are anymore.  A collective group of people looking to be offended about something.

This day in age, people feel entitled to be offended about everything.  "That's racist.  That's gender bias, you're a sexist."  Comedians are having a hard time everywhere trying to deal with this, because with every joke you can offend at least someone.  Jerry Seinfeld recently says he doesn't play college campuses because they are too P.C. and the students, "Don't know what the hell they are talking about."

When Trevor Noah was announced as the new host of "The Daily Show," people dug up some of his jokes and labeled them sexist, racist, prejudice, etc.  HE'S A COMEDIAN!  That's what they do!  Not all jokes are funny, and that's fine.  Some of the best jokes you've heard have probably been deemed "offensive" to some people.   Yet it's still OK to make fun of blondes?  Polish jokes?  Italian Jokes?   As long as they are white & Christian it's fair game.  Anyone else?  Can't make a joke about them.

It's happened to me several times where I've been accused of being racist, sexist, homophobe, you name it.   A recent example was I was under attack for what I said about Caitlyn Jenner.  I said good for her, I have no problem with it, but I feel a little uncomfortable talking about it.  Can't I feel a little funny about it?  At least we are talking about it, right?  And if you slip up and say "he," God help ya.  Oh wait, I just said God.  Did I say it in a bad way?  I don't know.  Confirmation was so many years ago.

Now don't get me wrong, there are times when it's OK to be offended.  It just seems like people are looking to be offended.  Or my personal favorite is when people are offended by something they don't even understand.  For example they'll fire off nasty comments after seeing a headline on an article, and not even read the article.

Since when is the "norm" to be constantly upset about something someone said.  The internet, specifically social media, has become the new passive aggressive outlet.  It has given us a place where people can broadcast their displeasure with no repercussions.   Imagine if people said half of the crap they say on Facebook to a boss, peer, or a friend in person.

The most recent was I put together and blogged a list of my favorite 5 pizza places in the Twin Ports.   I left a certain restaurant off the list, because it wasn't my top five.   It's one thing to disagree with me, but don't personally attack me.   It's just pizza.  Seriously.  Pizza.  It's not like I said anyone's pizza wasn't good.  Also, coincidentally, I made a list 4 years ago that was a bit longer that didn't receive much attention, and had the certain restaurant on it.  But nobody back then said, "Nice job."  Nope, they wait to complain.

How about all of us try to be more positive than negative in a day.  It's something I've tried in the last few years and it can make a big difference.  You can still whine and complain, just not as much as you are positive.   Try complementing someone on something.  Does that ever happen?

Sorry, I just had to vent.  Maybe I'm the one being offended here.   Let's all chill a little bit and relax.  I think the world would benefit from it.