I've noticed a trend over the last several years.  There seems to be an uptick in complaints, nasty messages, and all around rudeness in February.  My thought is it's a seasonal thing, and we're all just sick of winter. 

In December we have the holidays to look forward to and cheer us up.  The beginning of January is the start of a fresh new year.  By the time you get to February, you're freezing cold, and you're not as optimistic as you were about the new year.  And people tend to turn sour.

It occurred to me just the other day when I looked at a post from a year ago on Facebook that said something about how crabby everyone was.   Not even 10 minutes later we got a nastygram at work over something ridiculously stupid.  It was the kind of thing where someone goes out of their way to complain, or take offense to someone.

Here's hoping for warmer weather soon, so people can brighten up a little bit.  In the meantime, let's all try to be kind.



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