Our beautiful Twin Ports is home to some great local pizza places.  Here are 5 local businesses that offer some great pizzas!



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    Pizza Luce

    This pizza place is in Duluth's heart and also literally in the heart of duluth on Superior Street and Lake Avenue.  They are famous for their specialty pizzas, atmosphere, and using giant soup cans as pizza holders.  Who hasn't tried the baked potato pizza?

    Ken Hayes
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    Shorty's Pizza & Smoked Meat

    One of Superior's newer restaurants, Shorty's makes some fantastic pizza.  Their traditional sausage and pepperoni's are fantastic! But, you can also try some other more creative options like the Sante Fe, or the Shorty's Special with red peppers, broccoli, onions, and ham.


    Ken Hayes
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    Sammy's Pizza

    It's Sammy's pizza.  It's a tradition for crying out loud.  It's a great pizza.  Every person in the Northland including the Iron Range needs to have a Sammy's Pizza at one point.

    Ken Hayes
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    Thirsty Pagan

    Craft beer and pizza is what makes this combination work.  Thirsty Pagan started out as a brew pub that served pizza.  After a while their pizza became so popular that it became a draw on its own.  They have gourmet pizzas that you can customize, or try one of their specials, like my favorite "The Derailed."

    Ken Hayes
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    VIP Pizza - Superior

    I still remember the first time I had a VIP Pizza.  I couldn't believe I was missing out on this all this time.  It used to be next door to the Capri Bar on Tower Avenue.  Now it has it's own place across the street in Superior, but the pizza has always been fantastic and still is.   The pizzas feature lots of spicy pizza sauce, great toppings, wonderful cheese, cooked to perfection.  It's been my favorite in the Twin Ports since my first bite.

    Ken Hayes