Duluth's Superior Street is currently undergoing phase one of a reconstruction process. The next step will include the removal of 100-year-old steam pipes.

Removal of the century-old heating system will begin Wednesday, May 23rd.

According to a press release from the City of Duluth, the project involves the "mitigation and removal of the existing asbestos containing steam pipes that have been serving Downtown Duluth for over 100 years."

Don't fret - the pipe removal will be done by a licensed contractor. Environmental monitoring will be done at the same time to make sure everyone is safe. Warning signs will also be placed at the work site so the public knows to avoid the area for the time being.

The city asks for cooperation in staying within the designated pedestrian areas and out of the work zones. You can still access businesses.

The city announced last month that they were planning a three-phase overhaul of the current Superior Street. The makeover includes new utilities, an upgraded water heat system and fresh amenities.

The project's official website says the reconstruction is needed to accommodate current and future traffic, improve pedestrian connections and reinforcing the street as one of downtown Duluth's signature areas.

You can read more about the new-and-improved Superior Street here.

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