Are you ready for a new and improved downtown area? Your wish has been granted.

The City of Duluth has recently announced a complete transformation of Duluth's Superior Street. It will take place in three phases over the next three construction seasons. According to city officials, when the project is completed, it will have "new improved utilities, energy efficient closed loop hot water heat system and streetscape amenities that cater to more pedestrian activity and enjoyment."

Phase 1: Construction will extend from 7th Avenue West to just before the intersection of 3rd Avenue West. The work is slated to begin on April 16th. Expect the area to be closed on the 17th. Signs will go up in the area this week to confirm the closure.

The Duluth News Tribune reports the second phase will begin next year, with construction on Fourth Avenue East to Lake Avenue. Phase three will begin in 2020, hitting Lake Avenue to Third Avenue West.

The project's website lists several reasons for the reconstruction. This includes accommodating current and future traffic, improving pedestrian connections and reinforcing the street as one of downtown Duluth's signatures. (You can read more about the plan here.)

The start of the construction project will be marked by a celebration. "Kick Up The Bricks' event will start around 11 a.m. Thursday, April 12th. It will start right outside the Downtown Duluth Library, which is located at 5th Avenue West.

Everyone is invited to attend. There will be several speeches from city project partners. The speaking will be followed by music, food and drinks. The event is kid friendly.

After the event, you can head to the DECC for their annual Northland Job Fair.

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