I am a huge animal lover.  My friends even joke about how meticulous I am when someone is watching my dog for me and I present to them my manifesto of rules.  I appreciate what PETA stands for, but I also know they sometimes do things just to keep their name in the press.  I think this may be one of those occasions.

Our media partners at the Northland's News Center are reporting that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is urging Duluth City Attorney Gunnar Johnson to file charges in connection with the death of 14 animals at the Lake Superior Zoo after Wednesday's flooding.

Gunnar Johnson says his preliminary investigation shows the flooding was caused by the failure of a rail road culvert designed to handle water flow at the zoo.

He does not believe zoo officials knew the culvert would give–way.

"It does not appear that there was any sort of negligence or cruelty involved in the death of these animals, rather it was a very unfortunate accident or you know, that the engineering of a third party caused or contributed to series of events that lead to the deaths of these animals."

I don't believe criminal charges should be filed.  The people working at our zoo are passionate, if understaffed.  I do think the Lake Superior Zoo needs to examine the systems that failed in this epic storm that lead to animal deaths and displacement so that it doesn't happen again.  I trust they've already done this because if something like this does happen again, opinions will quickly change.



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