It's the most wonderful time of the year and the most anticipated parade of the season.  The Christmas City of the North Parade!  Bundle up the family and continue a tradition that started in 1957.  Or course, you'll want to know the best roadways into the city and where to park.  The Duluth Police Department has provided useful information that will make your night most enjoyable.

This year's 56th Annual Christmas City of the North Parade will start at 6:20p on Friday, November 21nd.  To note, the parade route has changed this year.

Make sure you've got your spot staked out by the time the Parade starts at 6:20 pm.  The new parade route will utilize 13 blocks of Superior Street, from 9th Avenue East to 4th Avenue West.

Parade units will begin lining up at 4pm along London Road between 10th Ave E - 14th Ave E, and the upper side of London Road from 14th Ave E -17th Ave E. The Parade then moves up to 9th Ave E for the start, continues West along to Superior Street to 4th Ave W where Parade units disperse onto Michigan Street. Drivers are urged to use caution when driving in the area of this event.


  • London Road will close to vehicle traffic at 4pm from10th Ave E - 14th Ave E, including 12th and 13th Ave E.
  • Superior Street AND Michigan Street will close to vehicle traffic at 5:45pm, Vehicles will be allowed to exit Michigan Street lots and ramps, but will be directed down to the 5th Ave W Off Ramp at 1st Ave W.


Please be aware of the following parking restrictions. Violators will be tagged and towed.

  • No Parking after 12 noon-5 meters in front of the Pickwick near Superior Street on the East side.
  • No Parking after 3pm- London Road, both sides, from 10th Ave E to 14th Ave E
  • London Road, upper side, from 14th Ave E to 17th Ave E
  • 12th and 13th Ave E from London Road to Superior Street
  • Jefferson Street from13th to 14th Ave E
  • The Rose Garden Parking Lot
  • No Parking after 5pm- Superior Street from 10th Ave E to 5th Ave W
  • Michigan Street from 5th Ave W to 1st Ave W

DTA Routes:

  • Busses will use 1st Street for Westbound runs and 2nd Street for Eastbound runs.


  • Superior Street East bound traffic will be detoured up to 2nd Street at 6th Ave West to continue east bound. West bound traffic will be sent up 14th Ave E from London Road and up 10th Ave E from Superior Street to continue West bound on 1st Street.
  • Lake Avenue will be blocked off at 1st Street and at the freeway ramps on the Lake Ave Viaduct. Access to Canal Park, Park Point, and the DECC will be DOWN 5th AVENUE WEST to the connector to Railroad Street, and from the freeway exits onto 5th Ave W and South Lake Ave.


  • If coming from the EAST: Take 1st Street directly to the Hospital. Use either the parking ramp onto the lower side of 1st Street between 10th - 12th Avenues East, or the Emergency Department on the upper side of 1st Street between 10th and 9th Avenues East.
  • If coming from the WEST: Take 2nd Street East to 10th Ave E, turn down to 1st Street, turn right to the Emergency Department entrance on the upper side of 1st Street. To access the Parking Ramp, take 2nd Street East to 12th Avenue East, turn down to 1st Street, turn right to Ramp on the lower side of 1st Street.


For the convenience of the thousands of people who converge on the Downtown for this annual event, free parade parking is being offered after 5:00PM at the following ramps:

  • • Shoppers Auto Park—18 N. 2nd Ave West
  • • Fourth Avenue Auto Park—402 W. Michigan Street
  • • US Bank Ramp—230 W. Michigan Street
  • • Tech Village Ramp—10 E. First Street
  • • Medical District Ramp—302 E. First Street
  • • Fitger’s---600 E. Superior Street
  • • Phoenix Parking Lot---98 N. 4th Ave West
  • • St. Luke's Hospital Ramp—1020 E. First Street
  • • St. Luke’s Employee Parking Lot—119 N. 12th Ave East
  • • St. Luke's Campus Building A Ramp—1030 E. 2nd Street

Downtown traffic should return to normal by approximately 8:30 pm.

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