We try to keep our almost 3 year-0ld's Tv time monitored.  Luckily, he still needs us at this age to turn on his shows.  But that also means we are in earshot of the shows, and if you're a parent, you understand how the repetitive songs can make you pyschotic.  I thought I'd share some audio with you, and see if you can relate.  Here's my top 5

#5 Dora The Explorer's "I'm the Map Song"  This one wouldn't be so bad if I didn't catch myself singing it driving in the car by myself.

#4 "Dinosaur Train Theme Song"  Once again, this isn't a terrible song, but it sound like John Fogerty singing.  So whenever I hear a CCR song, I think of this...  And then it gets stuck in my head!

#3  Diego's "Say Click"  (sang by Rosie Perez)  This song wants me to dance around the house with a fruit basket on my head.

#2  "Wonder Pets Theme Song"  Now whenever I hear a phone ring, I go "The Phone.... The Phone is ringing...."  Listen and you'll understand.

#1 Any song from Yo Gabba Gabba.  By far the most ridiculously annoying show.  From DJ Lance who creeps me out to the frightening characters and ear bleeding songs.  ( They are pictured above )

And as a bonus, here's the surpise kid's tune: