The NFL has new rules in place to protect quarterbacks and it's making games almost unwatchable at times.  One player getting the worst calls and mounting fines is Clay Matthews.

Matthews has had three questionable roughing the passer penalties in the first three games and Green Bay Packers fan Adam Waraxa, from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, has started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay Clay's fines.

As he states on the page:

I am raising money because the Officials for the NFL have been increasingly unfair and I would like to show my support toward the Green Bay Packers’, especially Clay Matthews. Go Pack Go!


Since starting the GoFundMe, $540 has been raised so far and Waraxa has updated the page to state that any money raised will be donated to The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, unless he Matthews reaches out with the desire for the money to go elsewhere.


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