If you live in St. Louis County, you may have heard an emergency alert on Wednesday (February 6th). The good news? It was just an accident!

The City Of Duluth sent out a press release after the error, explaining what happened.

According to their report, they encountered an error which sounded off a voice message warning that told residents in the area to seek shelter. This occurred while St. Louis County officials were doing the emergency siren test for the month of February.

Both St. Louis County and the City of Duluth have assured residents that there was never an emergency and the false alert was "simply an error." They say there is no need to worry, as there is no public danger that requires immediate action at this time.

You are asked to contact the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office if you have any questions. They can be reached at 218-336-4344.

I actually heard the alert and didn't think anything of it! I guess I need to pay more attention. Ha!

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