Talk about a dream come true! One candy shop is looking for a full time candy taste tester. No, seriously.

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Online candy shop Candy Funhouse is looking for someone to join their team full-time as a "candyologist" taste tester. The perfect person for the job loves chocolate and candy of all kinds and should be enthusiastic about all things sugary sweet.

The job is full-time, as mentioned. The taste tester is responsible for being objective and testing different samples from the thousands the online candy store has in stock. According to the job description, the person who fills the role must consider all aspects of the candy they are eating, including the texture, taste and quality.

The person selected for the position will also help craft the online candy shop's first ever original candy line. They will be asked to give a brief description of each candy they taste test and must possess basic writing skills. Someone should avoid applying for the job if they have food allergies.

The right person should also have a big appetite, as they are expected to work a normal schedule in eight-hour shifts! Personally, I think this sounds like it could be one of the best jobs in the entire world. Ha! By the way, the job can be done remotely so apply away!

It seems like there are a lot of unique opportunities for jobs these days. A recent trend over the past year or so has been different companies offering one lucky person to watch movies or something of the sort in exchange for cash.

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