It's time to start planning ahead.

The Oliver Bridge will be closed beginning Monday, August 27th through the following Friday, the 31st.

The bridge is located over the St. Louis River at the junction of Minnesota Highway 39 and Wisconsin Highway 105.

The area will be closed starting at 8:30 each morning through 4:30 in the afternoon. Traffic will return to the bridge after it reopens each day and through the following morning, so if you head to work early, you can still take the route.

Electronic signage will pop up beginning Tuesday, August 21st to remind you of the closure and will remain in place until the bridge schedule returns to normal.

The Oliver Bridge will be closed for routine inspection. This happens every year and is nothing out of the ordinary.

The news was first posted on Douglas County Highway Department's Facebook page. The press release was first issued on behalf of the CN Railway.

Make sure you plan ahead and mark this down on your calendar.

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