It's happening yet again.

United States health officials are warning people to avoid eating romaine lettuce at all costs, citing another E. coli outbreak.

This time around, the outbreak has sickened 32 people in 11 different states, according to local media reports.

There is not enough information right now to request a recall based on brand or supplier, so the FDA is simply warning everyone and all brands against romaine products of all kinds until further notice.

The Center for Disease Control And Prevention issued this warning on Tuesday, urging restaurants and retailers to pull romaine from their shelves and as mentioned, urging consumers to avoid eating it at all costs.

According to their press release, 13 people have been hospitalized from the outbreak, with one developing kidney failure. However, no deaths have been reported.

With the holidays coming up, it is extra important to mention that you shouldn't risk eating lettuce, even if you think it's safe. Let's say you had romaine and didn't get sick - that doesn't mean you should keep it. The CDC says you should still throw it away.

Be cautious and focus on other Thanksgiving fixings until this gets sorted out.

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