A Wisconsin defense attorney says his client is expected to plead guilty to charges involving hurting 9 infants under his care. The babies were discovered with injuries including bruising, broken bones, and even a fractured skull after being at a Madison Hospital.

The suspect is 43 year old Christopher Kaphaem who was suspended back in February.  According to Fox21 news, the alleged incidents took place at UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital in the infant intensive care unit. Other hospital workers had documented injuries to 9 infants.

According to WKOW TV, there isn't a plea deal on the table as of now, because the last plea deal offer has expired. It appears now that the suspect is ready to take responsibility and offer a guilty plea before a trial would take place.

The hospital now has 24/7 video monitoring of the NICU. Kaphaem has since been fired from his job.

Who would ever think that a hospital's infant intensive care unit wouldn't be a safe place for their baby?



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