Smash Book, pages 4-5

I had scrap books when I was young (which are now fading) and I joined the scrapping craze when that was trending (and was NOT that creative).  I'm loving the idea of the Smash Books.  If you have a freshman either starting junior high or college, this a fantastic way to capture their start of a fantastic journey and not just with pictures.

In a nut shell, it's a way to capture memories, special life moments, pictures, written thoughts and quotes.  Remember the old scrap books?  We stuffed them full of pictures, movie and concert ticket stubs, decorations from school dances and prom, you get the idea.  Then came scrap booking where  the pictures with subtitles told the story.  Well, the Smash Book kinda combines the two and takes it to the next level of personal.  It captures what's going on in your life right now.  Anything goes, you can journal, quote, and stuff it full of your remembrances...I'm starting one for my daughter for her sophomore year in college (better late than never, I suppose).  But some other ideas are a memorial book for a loved one, a place to keep a beloved recipe, a special baby book that will explain your feelings as a mother and not just all baby pictures, it's a new way to journal that includes more than just ink on paper.  The sky is the limit and it's all controlled by your own personal creativity.  Whatever you choose, it's sure to be treasured and looked back on with a smile.  Here's a great video that will explain the concept a little more and may even spark some ideas.

Have fun and share your ideas!  Make me say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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