If you live in Douglas County and are delinquent in your taxes you should take note.  The timeline for payment is changing and it could cost you considerably.  In previous years, properties in Douglas County that were delinquent in tax payment by nearly four years  were taken by tax deed on the third week of October.  With the new timeline the date has changed and beginning in 2014, tax deeds will be taken at the end of June.  For those who have 2009 taxes owing, those taxes would have been taken in October of 2013. However, due to the new resolution, you've got some extra time because there isn't enough time allotted in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes, to meet the requirements necessary to take these taxes by June of 2013. Therefore, both 2009 and 2010 delinquent tax years will be subject to Tax Deed in June of 2014.

The County Treasurer states that it is in the best interest of the tax payers to get these taxes paid as soon as possible. Here's why,  beginning in August of 2013, extra charges will be added to each parcel as statutory mandates are completed.  This is how you'd be notified.  The first charge occurs on August 15,2013, when a title search is completed on each unpaid parcel, adding a minimum charge of $50 to each parcel. Next is the first publication in the Superior Daily Telegram, which occurs on the last Friday of August and again on the first Friday of September. Those charges (unknown at this time), are also added to the balance due on each parcel.  Then, in November, certified letters will be mailed to all owners, occupants, mortgage companies, or business listed as having an interest in the property. Those charges (also unknown at this time) will be added to each parcel as well. Then in March of 2014, the final publication is printed in the Superior Daily Telegram on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday, of all remaining "unpaid" parcels in which certified letters were returned "unsigned" by owner(s) or mortgage companies. And of course, once again those charges, when determined, will be added to the balance owing on each parcel.

Best word of advice is to get your delinquent taxes paid up now to avoid all the additional charges that could be incurred.  It will save you money and the County Treasurer extra work. Please feel free to contact the Treasurer's office, at (715) 395-1348, with any questions or concerns that you may have.