It's been a busy week (or month, rather) of good news!

On Wednesday, it was revealed that a new Jersey Mike's location will be opening in Duluth on December 12th. Now, a Starbucks will be opening nearby just a few days later.

A new Starbucks will be located on the corner of Central Entrance and Myrtle Avenue. The signage has been up for some time without a set opening date. Now that has changed.

According to The Development Tracker Duluth, the new Starbucks location will open for good on Friday, December 14th. The exact address for the new spot is 320 West Myrtle Street in Duluth.

Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth
Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth

The same site also reports that this new location will replace the one directly across from Miller Hill Mall, which is ideal because the current location has a tight parking lot with limited space.

As we reported in early November, this Starbucks will have 55 parking spots and a drive-thru so you don't even have to get out of the car.


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