Good news for boat lovers: the largest privately-owned club is setting sail in the Northland.

YBC, or Your Boat Club, is making a home in Duluth. The club is different from other boat rental companies, as it comes with a membership option.

Along with an unlimited boating club membership, customers also have the option of a daily rental. According to their website, their aim is for customers to "simply show up, go boating and go home. We take care of all the work, they have all the fun."

Club members will get big perks. They will have their choice of more than 200 new fishing boats, ski boats and pontoons. Daily renters will still have options to choose from but only members get access to the full load.

The website suggests a daily rental for those that only get out once or twice a year. A yearly membership is best for customers that hit the water often and want more variety in their boat choice.

A daily rental price varies based on the lake, the boat and the date. A yearly membership for 2018 ranges from $1,895 to $6,595.

Duluth's Your Boat Club will be anchored at Pier B Resort Hotel and Restaurant, located at 800 West Railroad Street. (The club has other Minnesota locations in White Bear, Minnetonka and Forest Lake, just to name a few. It can also be found in Wisconsin and Illinois.)

YBC isn't the only place you can rent watercraft in the area but it is the first to use a paying membership model.

Other boat rental businesses in the area include Captain Gary's Charters, Spirit Lake Marina, On The Water Boat Rentals and K&J Watersports, just to name a few. 

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