I kept seeing "Lilyhammer" as a suggested show to watch on my Netflix.  A few weeks ago I decided I would give the first episode a shot.  The first episode caught my interest, even though I had to look past a few things.  Within the next couple of episodes I was hooked, and just finished watching all three season last night.  Now Netflix has cancelled the show, and that's too bad, because there was still so many "Loose Ends." (Even after the final episode of season 3, "Loose Ends.)

The show was entertaining to watch, but it was far from perfect.  There were plot holes throughout the series that you needed to overlook.  A few instances, details were annoying.  For example in the first episode they tracked a wolf in Norway using a wolf "tracker."  Unless they tag that wolf, it wouldn't work.  That really bugged me.  Maybe the wolf was tagged, but when they shot the wolf, it's about the size of a large cat.   Wolves are much bigger.   I know this is nitpicking, but this was just an example.

Major changes happen sometimes in the series, with no explanation.  Why did Roar go to Rio?  How did he meet Alex online?   Why the heck are we in Rio anyway?  If Jan pegs the murder on Dag, then why is Dag not in prison at the end of season 3?  Too many loose ends.  They need another season to at least wrap it up nicely.

But even with all of the little mistakes, and things you need to look past, it's a very entertaining show to watch.  Steven Van Zandt (Bruce Springstein's right hand man in real life) does a fine job playing a gangster.  The Norwegian cast is great.  Trond Fausa Aurvag plays "Torgeir" and really shines.  You learn to love the characters and really care about them.

The series did change over the course of three seasons.  Season 1 was a comedy.  Season 2 became deeper, but still light hearted.  Season 3 is full on Sopranos dark.   If I had to pick, Season 2's feel would be the best.

So let's hope it gets picked up by someone for season 4, but it's unlikely.  Either way, the first 3 seasons are worth binge watching.

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