Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin star in a comedy-drama that brings attention to the later years of life, in a totally relatable way. I was hesitant to watch the show, as I was worried I wouldn't find anything in it that would make me laugh. Not only did season 1 make me laugh, it also really made me think.

The synopsis is pretty simple. Two long time friends begrudgingly realize they are best friends and help each other navigate their golden years. The world has changed and seeing these actors that we grew up watching handle the political landscape is genuinely fun. With age comes wisdom, but they'll be the first to admit they have no idea what they are doing.

The pairing of Douglas and Arkin is fantastic. They play off each other well and they command your attention on the screen. It's also created by Chuck Lorre, who obviously knows what he is doing. I watched the entire first season in just over a day and a half. It's binge-worthy and it's great. It's also been confirmed for Season 2, so cheers to that. Do yourself a favor and watch the first episode. I'll bet you'll let it roll onto the next one eagerly.

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