This is one job no one would mind waking up for. Netflix is looking for someone to watch all their television shows and movies for research. Yes - for research.

The streaming site recently caused the internet to go crazy when they posted a job calling for an editorial analyst. Among other duties, this person would "watch, research, rate, tag annotate and write analysis for movie and TV content." Basically, he or she would watch the content on the site and then write about it.

While there are many qualifications other than just being able to sit and stare at a screen for a long period of time, the ideal candidate would be "passionate about movies and TV." Who isn't?

Netflix has come out with so much amazing original content recently. We all spend a good amount of time watching it as it is. How cool would it be to make a day job of it?!

Hey, you may even get some spoilers on Stranger Things season three. Eh?

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