Recently I was rummage sale(ing) in Anoka and bought the huge dish pictured above. My plan was to use it to serve my Filipino noodle dish called Pancit, it would have been perfect. WOULD have been in the key word. It wasn’t until I got home and flipped it over to put it in the dishwasher that I was horrified to find out I shouldn’t, I couldn’t use it for what I intended.

It’s a great looking bowl to serve Asian cuisine in. Back in the day, rummage sales use to be on Fridays and Saturdays. Apparently, according to the signs in the Cities, the rummage sales are Thursdays and Fridays with everything half price on Saturdays. The best part of my bowl purchase was it was originally priced at $3 and I only had to pay $1.50. But, the bad part was written on a sticker that I neglected to read before I bought it. As I flipped it over I noticed two things. The Target symbol (now I know where they originally bought it) and a sticker that read:

“Not For Food Use. May Poison Food.”

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates

Wait, what?  I realize it's "home decor", but a bowl like that looks like it's meant for a pile of noodles to be put inside it, doesn't it?  Thank goodness I flipped the bowl over to put it in the microwave or I might not have seen the partially ripped sticker and served guests our of it!  I've learned my lesson, check each item you plan to purchase from a rummage sale very carefully.  Granted I'm only out $1.50, but next time it could be so much more.

Have you ever made a purchase at a rummage sale with the best intentions only to find out you may end up putting it in a rummage sale of your own?

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