A couple of months ago my wife and I saw a commercial on TV for Star Wars Battlefront.  It's a video game and it looked really awesome.  I played it before on PS2 years ago, and  it was one of my favorite games.   Anyway, I told my wife that getting that for Christmas would make me feel like a kid again. 

Then, I dismissed it as something that wouldn't happen and totally forgot about it.  Just when I thought I was done opening presents, she pulled out a big box.  It was a brand new PS4 with Star Wars Battlefront!

I cannot believe how far these graphics have come.  It is sick!  Keep in mind, the last time I played this game was back on a PS2.  It's come a long way.  The game is pretty awesome but I haven't even had time to try out the multiplayer aspect.  Which apparently now is where you spend most of the time on a game like this.

I also am new to the whole download games and expansion packs and hard drive space.  In a few more years, we'll be telling our kids that "back in our day" video games came on a disc and that was it.

The yearly subscription to Playstation Network is annoying.  Call me old fashioned, but we just spent several hundred dollars on your hardware and game, and now I have to pay monthly to use it?   That's bull, Playstation.

I also downloaded Madden '16.  My wife walked through the living room and didn't realize it was a video game at first.  That's how amazing it is.

So here's to wasting plenty of more time on the couch in 2016!



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