This might go down in history as the most Minnesota thing ever! The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport just shared a photo that has pretty much gone viral for the most Minnesota reason ever. Let's just say it is basically Christmas in July around here.

This really isn't that surprising if you think about it, considering it was a brutal winter all across the state. (It was an especially brutal winter in Duluth, and the snowiest on record, in case you forgot.) This just really proves that no matter what, we can never truly escape winter in Minnesota. It will always find a way to haunt us.

What does this snow pile look like at MSP Airport?

The MSP Airport Twitter account shared two photos on Friday (July 7th) that show some lovely green grass, a dirt pile and a snow bank. It isn't a huge snow bank and it isn't like we need to ring the alarm but it still is a little jarring to see in the middle of summer.

Take a look at the photo, courtesy of the @MSPairport Twitter account below:

Why is there still snow at MSP Airport?

The best part? All of the hilarious responses to the photo, of which there are many! Responses ranged from horrified to confused to people using jokes to mask the pain. Some people also offer up a possible explanation for why there is still snow on the premises. As for airport officials, they haven't offered that up just yet. They are probably still in shock!

The 15 Snowiest Winters On Record In Duluth History

Since the National Weather Service began keeping weather records in Duluth in the late 1800s, here are the 15 winters with the highest snowfall totals on historical record.

It is worth noting that the official records from 1941-today have been recorded at the area now known as the Duluth International Airport (away from the lake, on top of the hill). Before then, various locations closer to Lake Superior had been used for official weather recording data. For anyone that knows anything about how Lake Superior and the hill play a role in temperature and snow, you can see how this makes older records inherently different.

While these records note the "snowiest winters", they actually include all seasonal snowfall from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

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