The start of motorcycle riding season is here. Just as drivers of other vehicles need to look out for motorcycles, it's always a great idea for motorcyclists to learn or brush up on riding skills.

Lake Superior College has announced that starting this Thursday, April 26, they will be offering beginning and intermediate motorcycle courses through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Motorcycle Safety Center.

According to LSC:

Spring and early summer offer challenges in riding, including roads with gravel and debris from winter, rusty riding skills and unpredictable weather. Failure to yield the right of way by the other driver remains the most cited factor in all motorcycle crashes. Most of the fatal crashes occur in rural areas, especially the single vehicle crashes where riders fail to negotiate curves and where deer collisions are high.

Also, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports that about one-third of single vehicle motorcycle crash fatalities are riders running off the road with a curve.

The Motorcycle Skills courses at LSC place an emphasis on cornering, clutch control and new rider skills.  However, even veteran riders can benefit from freshening their skills each year, especially now that other drivers seem more distracted then ever.

Lake Superior College's Motorcycle Safety Training Courses start April 26, 2018 and run through September.  Follow the link below for complete details on all riding courses and to enroll.

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