As we have seen over the last few weeks mask mandates are returning in force and now Lake Superior College as has many colleges will be requiring masks starting tomorrow.

According to FOX21: Lake Superior College President Patricia Rogers wrote in a memo on Tuesday saying: "The health and safety of our campus community remain among our absolute highest priorities. As we prepare for the start of the fall semester, we are again faced with having to take some additional steps in order to help keep our campus community as safe as possible."

Lake Superior College has has classes in session since August 13 and representatives from the school have said that still plans to offer all on-campus and online courses as planned for the upcoming academic year. Unlike other colleges LSC does not have on campus housing, but obviously need to take precautions on campus for students and staff alike.

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Rogers went on to say that she does not foresee any further changes as long as everyone remains compliant with the mask protocol and they are able to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Lake Superior College has made sure to team up with their community partners including UMD, local hospitals, and the Duluth Chamber of Commerce to ensure that together they can all keep the community safe.

It will be interesting to see how many students not only at LSC but at other colleges and universities will have students actually come into the classrooms vs. taking classes online.  Of course not all classes are available online so for some classes you would have to attend in person.  Of course fingers crossed for all students at every level that the mask mandate will be enough to curb the current pandemic.

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