More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and we are pretty used to shortages of one type or another being a way of life or a new normal.

There have been so many pandemic-related shortages over the past few years. The list goes on and on. Shortages from 2020 through 2022 range from Campbell's soup to frozen pizzas to pepperoni. It seems like everything has been hard to find at one point or another.

There have also been some very random shortages related to the pandemic. Turkey was in short supply last year just before Thanksgiving. More recently, there was an envelope shortage. Yes, you read that right.

While these shortages can be frustrating, it definitely puts things in perspective. I for one know I will never take the little things I used to for granted, like being able to find toilet paper when I need it.

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One thing I definitely took for granted pre-pandemic? Carts and baskets while shopping at a big store! I had an interesting experience over the weekend. I went to a big local superstore and they were out of carts and baskets!

I thought of all the shortages over the past few years and realized it isn't a big deal at all but it was still so strange. I have never been to a store and this store in particular that didn't have carts and baskets when you walk through the door. What gives? (For the record, I am not going to name the store.)

I looked into this a little bit on social media and found quite a few Reddit threads dedicated to this very thing. One reason for the cart or basket shortage could be theft. People steal these items and obviously don't return them.

That was the only thing I could find online regarding the baskets and carts being unavailable. It could be that it was just an off day or maybe it has to do with the cleaning process, since many stores implemented advanced cleaning measures at some point during the pandemic.

It could also very well be that it was a busy day at the store, given that it was a weekend, and they were simply all taken! It did prevent me from buying too many things I don't need so I guess there is a silver lining!

Has this ever happened to you? Do you know a reason behind a cart or basket shortage in store? Like I said, there isn't too much about it online but it definitely got me thinking if this is another COVID shortage we haven't accounted for yet.

I guess only time will tell! In terms of shortages, should it actually be one, this one won't be too bad for the most part.

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