All through the limited riding season in the Twin Ports there are various charity and fundraising motorcycle runs.  I don't go on as many as I should because larger group rides aren't so much my thing anymore even if they are for a good cause.  There is one that I do my absolute best to not miss every year and that is Chic's Memorial Billboard Run.

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In May of 2020, John "Chic" Ciocarelli passed away and Chic was a great friend and pretty much family to so many people.  Chic had a big smile, an infectious laugh, and was truly a joy to be around.  He also did a lot for the motorcycle community around the area, and he worked hard every year getting sponsors for an annual motorcycle run to raise money for biker awareness billboards.  It was called the Billboard Run and was a joint effort between ABATE of Wisconsin Region 6B and The Northeast Chapter of ABATE.

Now dedicated to Chic the run holds the title of Chic's Memorial Billboard Run. It's always a fun ride with great people, and for a good cause.  Plus, if you knew Chic or just want to support the fundraising effort, you can certainly follow the bikes in a car or truck and show your support.

For 2022 the ride is on Saturday, September 17th.  There is a shotgun start at 1:00PM with a $10 per person donation to participate and you can leave from The Chalet in Hermantown, MN or Builder's Saloon in Superior, WI.  Whatever location you leave from, everyone meets up on the first stop and proceeds together for the remainder of the ride.

Things generally wrap up in the Builder's parking lot with some sort of food truck so you can fill your belly, and there is a raffle drawing and an auction to help raise more funds for billboards.  Come hang out and ride along if you can and for more information you can call Pat at (218) 522-1174 or Ed at (218) 390-4468.

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