Morgan Wallen can't get off a wild ride fast enough in the music video for his song "You Proof."

Wallen is sitting in the back seat of a car when the video opens, parked outside of a convenience store. A woman — presumably his ex — walks out of the store, and upon seeing Wallen, proceeds to get in the driver's seat of that same car. The smirk on her face is almost sinister as she locks the doors, much to the singer's dread.

She gives the engine a few revs before peeling out of the parking lot, with Wallen holding on for dear life. The car is petal-to-the-metal as she weaves in and out of traffic and fishtails around every corner. Wallen bounces around in the back seat with each maneuver.

Outside of town, we see the car rushing toward a barricade with a "Road Closed" sign. Just when Wallen thinks she'll go crashing through it, she slams on the brakes and whips it in reverse. After spinning in a complete 180, she hits the gas again. This is when Wallen decides to make his escape — he throws open the door and rolls out of the car into a field.

But he's not safe yet.

The car once again turns around, this time chasing him into the night. Wallen runs as fast as he can down the two-lane highway as the headlights grow brighter and brighter on his back. At last, he gives up and turns to face his adversary.

Wallen is hunched over with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. The car approaches him, but instead of his ex in the driver seat, it's his friends.

"Wallen, what the f--k, dude?" his pal asks him in disbelief. "Get in the car. Let's go."

Was Wallen really driven around by his ex? Or was it all a nightmare stemming from an old flame he just can't seem to put out?

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Morgan Wallen has sold his Nashville home for $835,000. The country singer sold his home for a $135,000 profit five months after being filmed on his driveway using the N-word. The 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house is a two-story house near Nashville's 8th Ave. It's over 2,700 square feet. Redfin confirmed the house sold on July 8, 2021, less than one month after it was listed.

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