The Minnesota Department of Transportation will update the public on the paused Mission Creek Bridge/Highway 23 project during an upcoming virtual meeting.  The meeting has been scheduled for Monday April 19 starting at 3:00 PM via a digital web link.

If you've been following the story, you'll remember that the original project to replace the Mission Creek Bridge was halted when crews discovered human remains from an ancient Native American burial site.  Since that time, a round of discussion has taken place between the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council and Office of State Archaeologist to determine the future course of action for the site.

Earlier this year, a landscaping project took place.  In March, workers site some site prep to clear away a small number of trees. Those trees were removed to make way for a larger project that will commence in August of 2021 - the Mission Creek Landscape Restoration project.  According to details released at the time, the tree removal occurred in March to comply with federal regulations for the protected bats which nest in the area.

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This upcoming meeting planned for Monday, April 19 will "update the community on the status of work at Highway 23 Mission Creek" - according to advance details released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  To take part in the meeting, click here for the sign-in details.  Those who are unable to access the internet can still take part in the meeting by calling 855-282-6330 and entering the access code 146 970 4747.  In addition - for those who are unable to attend the meeting at the scheduled time, a recording will be posted on MNDOT's project webpage.

For more details about the Mission Creek/Highway 23 project or any of the work coordinated and scheduled by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, click here.

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