A variety of safety and cosmetic improvements are on the design table for the Highway 53 corridor in Eveleth.  To present some of their ideas and to provide the chance for commentary and questions, officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have scheduled a public meeting tied to the potential work.

As designed right now, the work would primarily focus on the three intersections for Eveleth on Highway 53:  Hat Trick Avenue, Progress Parkway, and Bourgin Road.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is aiming to increase safety at those intersections in question.  Additionally, there is a desire to help ease the anticipated congestion in the area ties to the new school construction.

While work for the area wouldn't start until 2025, the agency hopes  to present their plans in advance to the general public.  At the present time (and due to the conceptual nature of the project at this point), there isn't a budgetary number associated with the work.

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The meeting has been planned for Tuesday, October 5 at 5:00 PM.  The in-person meeting will be held at the St. Louis County Public Works Building:  7823 Highway 135 in Virginia.  Park in the lower parking lot; look for signs that say "Training Center".  In addition, similar to most meetings organized by the Minnesota Department of Transportation since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic in early 2020, this meeting will also have a virtual digital, online component.  If you're interested in taking part on the meeting that way, click here to visit the projects web page on the official Minnesota Department of Transportation website.

Stephen Tanko
Stephen Tanko

In advance of the public meeting, MNDOT has a community survey up online to allow people the opportunity to provide input and mark areas of concern on an interactive map. Click here to take part.

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