A MN Woman who is a mother of 11 children has once again found herself in trouble with the law. Tasha Schleicher has had 6 different DUI arrests on her record from six different states. Gas station workers in Illinois called the police to report a woman who had passed out behind the wheel of her car.

When officers arrived, they found Schleicher awake and alert, but her clothes were falling off and she was in a panic saying she couldn't find her children.  Police searched the area did not find her children.  Employees at the gas station said she was alone when she arrived.  She also apparently had been trying to fill up her car with kerosene.  An open bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey was in the car as well.

This is a sad development because she had just regained custody of her children last summer.  Law enforcement officials have notified child protective services about her current arrest.

Here's hoping the attention to this case and her repeated problems will be enough for her to get the help she needs, or at least in the meantime prevent her from getting behind the wheel again.

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