Well, this is an interesting story with a very random twist. A man from Minnesota broke into a home in Wisconsin and all for one very ridiculous reason.

It has been a weird month for crime in Wisconsin. Recently, police in Wausau captured something unexpected on camera: their capture of a wild turkey! Somehow, the wild turkey made it into an apartment on the second floor.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, there have been some equally odd crimes taking place. For example, a man was recently so convinced that a scammer had kidnapped his daughter that he went to a local gas station and took out a large sum of money.

Thankfully, some witnesses called the police and they were able to interfere before the man handed the scammer the cash. His daughter was completely fine and it was all just a scam that was so convincing, it had the man worried sick.

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Now, there's another weird story making headlines. It all went down in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin where a man from the Twin Cities broke into a home and proceeded to walk into the bathroom to get his zen on.

For some context, the man had traveled to Chippewa Falls somehow but thought that he was home in Minnesota. As of now, it is not known how or why he traveled the distance between the two cities but he thought he was at home when he was busted in the Wisconsin home.

So what happened when the man made his way into the random home in Chippewa Falls? KARE 11 reports that the man, who is 29-years-old, was in the bathroom and filling up the tub so he could take a bath.

The people who lived in the home called police when they first noticed the intruder, if you want to call him that, and when police arrived, KARE reports that they found the man in the bathroom with the door locked.

He came out but was already gearing up to take a bath, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear that were on the wrong way. He had taken his pants off and they were on the bathroom floor. He really was getting ready to take a soak!

Nobody was hurt in the incident and the man was relatively harmless. Chippewa Falls PD responded to the scene and said he smelled like alcohol, so clearly he was intoxicated. Pairing the smell of alcohol with the fact that he thought he was in his own home miles and miles away means alcohol was probably the main culprit here.

This whole scenario happened earlier in the month and police were called around six in the morning. When police found the man in the bathroom and confronted him, he told police his address in Rochester and was convinced that he was there in the home he shares with his girlfriend, according to the Leader-Telegram.

The man has been charged with burglary and criminal trespassing and was ordered not to drink alcohol or have any in his possession. As for the people that lived in the home, KARE says they do not know the man and aren't sure how he made it into their home.

There is no word on whether or not the man got to take his bath but hopefully, if he did, it was in his own home and not a random home he thinks is his. Ha!

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