Minnesotans are really killing it right now! A Minnesota native himself is on this season of the hit CBS show Big Brother and so far, it's going pretty well.

There seems to be a bunch of Minnesota connections to Hollywood lately. Recently, I saw a picture on social media of Gerard Butler hanging out in Rochester of all places (which is where the Big Brother cast member lives, by the way).

While we don't know why he is in Rochester or was, it is still pretty cool to have a major movie star hanging out in our state. Just a few months prior to the Gerard Butler sighting, a major television star was also spotted right here in Duluth.

Joel McKinnon Miller, most famous for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was spending time in Duluth recently. He was spotted on the UMD campus by a super fan, whose photo he shared on his personal social media accounts. Plus, he returned to eat at a famous Cloquet restaurant over the hoilday weekend!

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So who is the latest Minnesotan representing the midwest on the silver screen? Michael Burner! The Big Brother contestant is 29-years-old and as mentioned, currently lives in Rochester. Rochester is just a few hours from the Twin Ports!

The reality star is originally from Saint Michael, Minnesota which means he is hopefully going to bring some Minnesota nice to the television screen each week. He was announced as a contestant on the 24th season of Big Brother the day before the season premiere in early July.

I do not watch Big Brother but hear about it often as it is a very popular show! I saw in a local Facebook group that there was a Minnesotan contestant and figured I had to do some research.

The current season of Big Brother takes place in Palm Springs, in what the company describes as a "mid-century" style motel. The show airs on CBS and on Paramount+. You can also watch the contestants around the clock with the live feed they have every season.

Big Brother airs three times a week and is a pretty intense show! At the time of writing, Michael was still holding his own among the cast and even won the title of Head Of Household during the show on Monday (August 8th).

The end game of Big Brother is to be the last contestant standing out of sixteen. If you are, you receive $750,000 bucks. Wow! Of course, you have to beat out a bunch of contestants. Contestants this season are from all walks of life, with a Las Vegas performer competing, along with a personal trainer, entrepreneur and flight attendant.

If you aren't familiar with the show, it spotlights the contestants who live together in a home for an undisclosed amount of time. Every single thing they do is filmed and they have to be careful, as every week someone is eliminated. Only the last person standing wins the big prize.

As of now, Michael is still hanging in there. It will be interesting to see how far he makes it and if he can win the big grand prize by being the last person standing. Some fan comments I have seen aren't very celebratory of the contestant, with some saying is he not kind. I guess that's just show business.

There is also a celebrity edition of Big Brother for those that are interested in the show. Obviously, the competitors in the spinoff are big time celebrities but the premise of the show remains the same. Go Michael go!

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