Have you seen this famous face around Duluth? Hollywood actor Joel McKinnon Miller has been spending some time in the Northland!

Duluth seems to be a popular place to be these days. Up-and-coming country star Lainey Wilson was in town for a show in early April and she met a big fan that has a tattoo of her face on his arm! She called Duluth "wild" and it is likely she will be back after this fan encounter.

Earlier in the new year, award-winning television and movie star Jon Hamm spent a weekend in Minnesota. Many lucky fans ran into him while he was bar hopping in Minneapolis while in town for the NHL Winter Classic.

Of course, we can't forget when Peyton Manning was at Mall Of America as well. He was in town in late January filming for his show. While in town, he did as the Minnesotans do and went ice fishing and spent time at the massive mall.

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Now, we can add another celebrity to the list of those that have visited Minnesota this year. Joel McKinnon Miller spent some time in Duluth recently and many Northlanders had the chance to see him and meet him in person.

I first learned about the actor being in Duluth on Facebook, when I saw a resident commented that they served him at lunch in the area. I went to the actor's Instagram page and saw that he was indeed in town!

He reposted a photo shared by one lucky fan who happened to meet the star when he went into her work. The spot she worked at wasn't shared but it's safe to say it is somewhere on the UMD campus, as that is where the photo was tagged.

A quick search of Miller shows that he has ties to the University of Minnesota Duluth - he went there himself back in the day! He studied theater and opera there before eventually dropping out and then returning in 2007 to finish his degree. Clearly, it all paid off.

This might seem random but he was actually born and raised in Rockford, Minnesota so he has big ties to the area. According to a fan on Facebook, he likes to help with the theater program at UMD and that was his reason for being in the area.

This isn't the first time coming back to his home state, either. He very famously returned a few years ago to sing the National Anthem at a Vikings game. He is a big Vikings fan so that also brought him back to Minnesota!

If you watch any television at all, you have likely seen Miller at one point! He has had major roles on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Big Love. He has also been on a ton of hit shows in minor roles like Glee, American Horror Story: Asylum, Longmire, Melissa & Joey, among many others. The list goes on and on!

It is pretty cool whenever a celebrity is spotted in Duluth or Minnesota. I think it is even sweeter that he shared the photo with a fan and said it was nice to meet her. It is good to know he is still Minnesota nice after all these years.

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