Things are getting serious! The Bachelor is almost finished for the season as the lead, Matt James, has chosen his final four ladies.

Disclaimer: this post will contain some spoilers if you haven't watched Monday night's episode. (The episode aired on February 15th). 

On the last episode of the series, Matt made some big decisions and one of them was keeping around our remaining Minnesotan contestant, Michelle Young. Now she is in the top four, competing for Matt's heart against three other women.

Now that it is down to the top four, it is in the show formula for the lead to fly to each of their hometowns. However, because of the pandemic, this isn't happening this season. This means that while we will meet Michelle's family, we will not get to see it all go down in Minnesota! Instead, the family will fly to the filming location instead. Boo!

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While I am sad that we won't get to see Matt travel to Minnesota, I am super excited about Michelle making it this far. I think it is obvious how much they like each other. If you recall, Michelle was a late addition to the show. She showed up a few weeks into filming as part of a special show twist. She arrived with a handful of other ladies when the season was already underway. Right away, she scored a one-on-one date with Matt and became an instant frontrunner.

In case you didn't know, Michelle is from the Woodbury area. She was announced as a contestant back in October of 2020. There was another contestant from Minnesota in the original cast but she was let go. That means Michelle is the last Minnesotan standing.

I am rooting for Michelle to make it all the way. If not, she should definitely be the next lead. It wouldn't be the first time we had a Minnesotan in the driver's seat!

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