Best. Job. Ever. A Minnesota woman will be paid one-grand this month for watching cheesy Hallmark movies. Yes, this is a real thing.

Back in November, one online website revealed they were on the hunt for one lucky person to watch 24 Hallmark movies in 12 days in exchange for a few treats and one thousand bucks. All the candidates had to do was apply and agree to document their experience on social media.

According to People Magazine, the winner's name is Jasmine Stringer. She resides in Minneapolis and is a lifestyle coach and author. She beat out about 218,000 candidates to score the coveted position.

Aside from being at least 18 years old and a United States resident, the job listing asked for someone who LOVES Christmas and is social media savvy.

As if this job isn't amazing enough, the winner will also snag a mini Christmas tree, string lights, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, a streaming service subscription and a whole lot of Hallmark swag.

Man, this job is sounding better all the time. I am so glad a Minnesotan was chosen as the winner. That makes us all winners for this incredible contest. Ha!

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