This is something that doesn't happen everyday.

Around 1:30 Monday afternoon (June 4th), the gym at Stowe Elementary School will be packed to the brim in celebration of a special grant from the Vikings and U.S. Bank. The two have teamed up to gift the Duluth school their "U.S. Bank Places To Play" grant.

According to a press release from U.S. Bank, Former Viking Doug Sutherland, mascot Viktor and the cheerleading team will all be in attendance. Nearly 300 kids are expected to pack the auditorium.

The grant will help fund a new multi-sport court, which will include areas for basketball, pickle ball, four square and hop scotch. This will be part of the Gary New Duluth Community Center and Recreation area, which students will now have full access too.

The grant is worth $350,000. Nine nonprofits will benefit from this round of grants, which help build and renovate athletic facilities, playgrounds and other recreational areas.

Other areas that will receive grants include the DinoMights Billy Lindsay Outdoor Hockey Rink in Minneapolis and the Walker Hackensack Akeley School District.

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