After a hot start, the Minnesota Twins are fighting to remain in the 2019 playoff hunt.  As this season comes to a photo finish, details were released regarding the 2020 schedule.

The Minnesota Twins will start their 60th campaign on March 26 in Oakland, which marks their earliest Opening Day in team history. They will play their first 7 games on the road, before hosting Oakland for their home opener on April 2.

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The Twins will again play 20 Interleague games over the course of the 2020 regular season (2 in April/ 3 in May/ 5 in June/ 5 in July/ 2 in August/ 3 in September). The home Interleague schedule includes the first-ever Target Field appearance by the San Francisco Giants (May 4-6), along with visits by the Milwaukee Brewers (June 16-17), the Colorado Rockies (June 26-28) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (July 28-29). The Twins will also face the Dodgers (April 28-29) and Brewers (August 25-26) on the road, along with trips to the Arizona Diamondbacks (July 20-22) and the San Diego Padres (September 22-24).

Now that we know what the 2020 schedule has in store, let's work on getting our 2019 mojo back so we can make some postseason noise.

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