It's always a good day when Minnesota gets some love on television! It happens from time to time and probably more than you might think. In fact, it happened recently on an episode of a show called 9-1-1.

I have talked about this before as I have made my way throughout the series! The show airs on FOX and the lead actor is from Minnesota! Life imitates art because the character he plays on the show is also from Minnesota.

As you'd probably expect, this means that the show pokes a little bit of fun at Minnesota. When I first started watching the show late last year, I laughed out loud when I caught the first joke at our expense. In the episode, the character mentions being from St. Paul and nobody believes him when he says there are actually people in Minnesota and not just a wasteland of snow.

I caught another joke a few months later when some characters on the show were making fun of the Minnesotan, whose character is named Bobby, by the way. They made a wisecrack that people in Minnesota only care about cheese. They have the wrong state with that one!

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I am sure there are more jokes to come but I love the show so I don't mind. They gave a big shout out to Minnesota in a recent episode and thankfully, it wasn't even a dig at us! It was an homage to the Minnesota Twins.

The fun takes place on the latest season, which is season six. The episode is called Cursed and it is the eighth episode in the season. The scene takes place about twenty minutes into the episode when two of the characters are sitting at the dinner table.

Hen and Athena are the names of the two characters in the scene and they are talking about lottery tickets. Hen says she is filling them out for everyone at the fire station where she works with Athena's husband and the Minnesota character, Bobby. Athena asks Hen to read Bobby's winning lottery numbers out loud and it turns out one of them for the lottery they are playing is nine and one.

Why is this worth mentioning? Because as Hen continues, nine and one stands for 1991, which is the last time the Minnesota Twins won the World Series. A quick Google search proves that this is true! How fun.

The series follows a group of first responders living in Los Angeles who encounter the weirdest and scariest things from odd fires to people getting themselves caught in interesting situations.

It's fun to watch and like I mentioned, the main actor in it is from Minnesota! It's fun to see it all play out on screen, even if you are not a fan of the Minnesota Twins. Ha!

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