The Minnesota Twins are having a great season, which means longer lines and longer wait times to get into Target Field.  A couple of new security policies should help remedy that.

The Twins continue to make keeping fans safe and adhering to Major League Baseball's security policies top priority.  These new security adjustments will do that while getting fans into Target Field more efficiently:

1. Hold Your Phone (Beginning June 11)

Starting with the Twins-Seattle Mariners game on Tuesday, June 11, fans can keep personal items (cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.) in their pockets while going through security at all Target Field gates. Target Field magnetometers have been updated to recognize such common items, while still detecting firearms and other larger metal objects. This magnetometer detection setting has been successfully implemented at other professional sports facilities nationwide, and meets Major League Baseball’s Best Stadium Operating Procedures.

New Bag Policy (Beginning July 5)

The Twins will continue to have a fan-friendly bag policy; however, now with new restrictions that significantly reduce time required for security staff to check each bag and, subsequently, time spent by fans in line. Beginning with the Twins-Texas Rangers game on Friday, July 5, the club will move to a single-compartment bag policy (i.e., tote bags).  Specifically:

  • Permitted at All Gates (Maximum Size: 16”x16”x8”; Those 9”x5” or Under Qualify for No-Bag “Express” Lanes): Purses Drawstring Bags, Clutch Purses, Diaper Bags, Single-compartment (Tote) Bags, Single-compartment Soft-sided Coolers, Clear Bags, Medically-necessary Items
  • Not Permitted:  Backpacks, Duffel Bags, Multi-compartment Laptop Bags,  Any bags larger than 16”x16”x8”

The Twins will continue to have express lanes available at all Target Field gates for fans who come to the game without a bag as well as special lanes for season ticket holders.

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