In recent years, more fans have been seriously injured and even killed by foul balls laced into the stands during Major League Baseball games.  The Twins are taking action.

The Twins have announced that they will raise the height and extend the length of protective netting above the dugouts and down the foul lines at Target Field.

The netting above the Target Field dugouts will increase by 3 feet and there will now be 12 feet of netting atop the dugout roof, which is 4 feet above the field.

According to

For the 2020 home opener, the following areas will be covered by fan safety netting: Dugout Box sections 1, 16 and 17; Dugout Box Infield sections 2-6 and 11-15; Thomson Reuters Champions Club sections 7-10; Diamond Box sections 103-104 and 124-125; Infield Box sections 105-108 and 120-123; and Home Plate Box 109-119.

Having attended games with seats behind the netting, I can honestly say that you do get used to having it in front of you.  The protective netting at Target Field has a slight green hue, which helps it blend in with the field.

If you don't want to sit behind the netting, there are still sections where you will be clear from it, even in the lower level.  Just bring a glove.

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