There has been a lot of buzz about Minnesota's 'Left-Lane Law', which goes into effect August 1, 2019.  The Minnesota State Patrol has received a lot of questions, so they took the time to clarify some things.

According to the information shared on their Facebook page, here are several key points that motorists need to know:

  • The law modernizes existing language related to lane usage.
  • The law says that when practicable, drivers need to move out of the left lane in order to allow vehicles to pass.
  • Nothing in the law allows drivers to speed.
  • The law includes a $50 fine, but it’s the same fine that was previously in place.
  • One good way to prevent road rage and to drive with reduced stress is to simply move over and allow others to go around.
  • Traffic moves most efficiently when everyone is traveling at about the same speed, which cannot be above the posted limit or faster than conditions might allow.

Basically, it's not a drastic change in existing laws, but it does hold motorists accountable who are not paying attention.  Go the speed limit, use the left lane to pass, and check your mirrors consistently to make sure you're not slowing someone down.

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