The Minnesota State Patrol has had a busy month, thanks to the new hands-free and left lane laws. Now, they have announced a new initiative of sorts, cracking down on aggressive drivers.

The Minnesota State Patrol announced some news on their Facebook page Monday (August 26th), saying they would be cracking down on aggressive drivers with SLAM, or The Saturation Limiting Aggressive Motorists.

As mentioned in the post, the crackdown continues through September 1st. The Minnesota State Patrol didn't say what brought on the initiative.

Troopers from Wisconsin and surrounding states will also be taking part. I am anxious to see how many citations and tickets they give. I absolutely hate when people follow me too close. It drives me nuts!

As of mid-August, the Minnesota State Patrol had given hundreds of citations to motorists for not abiding by the law. I am sure that number has only increased in the weeks following the update.

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