It seems like once a week I learn a new hack that I'm shocked I've never thought about. This a great idea that came from Reader's Digest that I want to share with you. It's about how paper towels can save you money by simply keeping them in your refrigerator at home.

Groceries are super expensive, especially in the last couple of years. Some of the most expensive groceries sadly are also the most healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at a premium now. If you're like me, you waste way too many of them as they go bad in the fridge.

Turn your vegetable hospice drawer into an actual fresh veggie drawer.

We make a joke that we put our vegetables in the vegetable hospice drawer. It's from a meme that went around a while back and it really resonated with our family. Almost half of the fruits and veggies that we buy end up going to waste as they rot in our fridge.

How paper towels can help you keep items fresh in your fridge.

Reader's Digest says the best thing to do is to line your crisper drawer with paper towels before you tuck your produce inside. Then, every time you add some new produce to the drawer, replace it with paper towels.

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Why do paper towels work to keep your produce fresh?

Fresh produce releases water over time. That moisture gets trapped in your crisper drawer with nowhere to go, causing the fruit and vegetables to go bad faster.

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Minnesota is a humid state most of the year, this can help!

Minnesota gets pretty humid in the spring and summer. This can also create extra moisture in your fridge, so this can be even more important to do than in drier climates.

Added benefit - keeps your fridge drawers clean.

Have you ever pulled out a bag of rotten vegetables to see it's leaked it gross rotten juices on the drawer? For one, this won't happen as quickly with the paper towel, and if the food does spoil, the paper towel will help wick up the moisture.

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