Well, this isn't great. According to a new study, Minnesota is one of the worst places to retire early. Yikes.

The study was shared by WCCO News out of Minneapolis. Factors that were taken into consideration include average life expectancy, income, cost of housing, income tax rates and temperature. (The temperature thing is completely understandable. Ha!)

Some of these factors, obviously, didn't help Minnesota fare too well. For example, according to the study, our average health insurance premium is one of the highest in the country. Meanwhile, our average temperature range is also one of the lowest.

Hmmm! I do understand where the study is coming from and you can't knock science. However, Minnesota is a great place and anyone would be lucky to retire here, as long as they have enough winter gear to get through half of the year.

It could be worse - according to WCCO, West Virginia is the worst place in the country to retire while states like Texas, Nevada and Wyoming make up the list of the best.

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