The Minnesota Lottery has a wide variety of games that people can play. Some people try their luck with well-known lotto games like Power Ball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, North 5, Gopher 5, or Pick 3. Others make it a point to try the various scratch ticket games they offer.

The Minnesota Raffle and the Print-N-Play games are two others the Minnesota Lottery offers and while I'm familiar with how the raffle works, I hadn't really ever heard much about Print-N-Play. That was until Friday morning when I saw that on Thursday nearly $200,000 had been won in Hermantown by someone playing the game. As of midday Friday, that payday had yet to be claimed.

Print-N-Play is a progressive jackpot game where players can try Crossword, Bingo, or Slots to win. All of these games share the same jackpot, which starts at $5,000 and continues to grow until someone wins.

You can buy tickets for $1, $3, or $5 and which ticket you buy determines how much you can win. A $1 ticket pays 20 percent, $3 pays 60 percent and $5 pays 100 percent. That jackpot changes throughout the day as more tickets are sold.

That leads us to Thursday, August 17, when someone playing a Print-N-Play game won a whopping $191,827. While it's not clear which of the three games they played, it is clear that whoever won was playing in Hermantown.

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According to the Minnesota Lottery, the winning ticket was purchased at the Chalet Lounge, located at 4883 Miller Trunk Highway.

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As of now, the winner has yet to claim their prize so we don't yet know who they are. Unless they decide to come forward publicly, we may never know. Lottery regulation changes took place to protect winners who win over $10,000. Big-money winners can become targets for scammers and fraud, so the Minnesota Lottery will not divulge their name unless they first agree to it.

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