Not only did both the Hands Free Law and Left Lane Law go into effect this month in Minnesota, but another law went into effect involving construction zone flaggers.

Flaggers are the workers you see holding signs in construction zones, often controlling the speed and flow of traffic.  The new law now gives them the authority to report drivers who do not follow their instructions to law enforcement.

If a bad driver is reported within four hours of an incident, law enforcement can then issue a citation to the driver in question.

According to a report from MPR:

There were 31 fatalities and 123 serious injuries in Minnesota work zones over the past three years.

The goal of the new law is to make people think twice before driving recklessly through construction zones across the state and to protect construction zone workers and other motorists out on the road.

The bottom line is, drive with extra caution around construction zones and follow the instructions of the flaggers or they may have the last laugh.

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