Fall means deer hunting and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is educating hunters on testing for chronic wasting disease, quartering a deer and more through a video series.

The videos also show how to cape a trophy deer and how to remove lymph nodes from a deer.

The goal is to help hunters and to minimize the risk to the wild deer population.  There have been changes to this year's surveillance areas and the videos should help.

The Minnesota DNR advises hunters to also consult the DNR website and the Minnesota Hunting Regulations book for more information. In the regulations book is where you can find the CWD testing locations.

There is also a whole carcass importation ban again this season in Minnesota that hunters need to be aware of.  Over the last two years, the DNR has been working with taxidermists and venison processors to educate them on the rule change.

You can follow the link below to access the Minnesota DNR video series and more.



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