The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters that there will once again be a whole carcass importation ban in place for the hunting season.

According to the DNR, hunters who harvest deer, elk, moose or caribou outside of Minnesota cannot bring whole carcasses into the state.

The prohibition on importation of whole carcasses of these cervids from anywhere in North America was put into place in 2016 as a proactive measure to reduce the risk of chronic wasting disease in Minnesota and bring consistency to regulations.

Only the following cervid parts may be brought into Minnesota:

  • Quarters or other portions of meat with no part of the spinal column or head attached.
  • Meat that is boned-out or that is cut and wrapped (either commercially or privately).
  • Hides and teeth.
  • Antlers or clean (no brain tissue attached) skull plates with antlers attached.
  • Finished taxidermy mounts.

Minnesota is one of 12 states with this type of ban.  Follow the link below to get complete information.

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